Games: Clue With Famous People

This game brings back memories of the pre-video game era, when quality entertainment  could be made out of cardboard. ‘Clue’ is an old-time classic that you can adapt to your classroom. It works  well with all age groups, from children and teenagers who need to be kept entertained, to adults who will  experience a fun regression. This is a good game for when your students are learning adjectives and question structure.  

You can either buy the game (if  it is still being sold) or get a couple of magazines and make the characters out of pictures of famous people (Tip: Your students and your employer will appreciate the work you put in  to create the game yourself).  

To create the game, you need to make around 20 cards of different characters and copy them  so that there are a total of forty cards divided between two boards. Then make two copies of smaller cards for each character. Write the name of the  character on each card.
You need:
10 men and 10 women
A few blue-eyed people.
Half blond-haired people, half brunettes
A couple of  bald men and a couple of bearded men
A couple of women  with short haircuts, and a couple of women wearing hats

The game goes like this. You separate your class into two groups. Each group picks a small card and they take turns asking questions that lead to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers.

Ei: Is the person a man?  ‘No.’ So they put all the men cards aside.
Is the person brunette?  ‘Yes.’ So they  put all the blond-haired people cards aside.
Is he bold?...

They take turns  asking yes/no questions, and the first to guess the identity of the person being described wins.  

You can spark conversation by asking questions about what this or that famous person does, what they think about their work, etc.…
Take 20 minutes to play the game and make conversation.  




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