Conversation: Inventions that have changed the world

Grammar: Present Perfect tense
Vocabulary: Varied nouns

It is very important that teachers do not have their students memorize structures all the time. It is recommended that the teacher develops activities that engage the students in a natural conversation, making the grammar topic more memorable.
This conversation activity will help your students to practise the present perfect structure while being engaged in a natural conversation about a socially relevant topic. You may provide a list of the following inventions, but it’d be better if you take some time and cut out a few images from magazines and stick them on the board.  Always remember to add visuals or music whenever you have the chance! Make sure everyone participates in the discussion. In some cultures, students may not participate unless the teacher asks questions directly to  students. If this is the case with your class, you may provide one picture to each student and ask him/her to discuss the question.

Activity: Ask your students the following questions
1. Have the following inventions been largely positive or negative to humanity?  Please indicate the pros and cons for each invention. 

2. Have these technologies evolved a lot or very little?

Light bulb
Fridge (Refrigerator)
GM (genetically modified) Food
Atomic bomb



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