Pronunciation game: Vowel or consonant sounds

Duration: Approx. 20 minutes

Preparation: the teacher will have to prepare in advance a list of sounds (vowels and/or consonants) to play this game.
Group your class into two or three teams. Provide each group with a different sound, for example, the vowel sound /e/ as in the word ‘bed’.  Then, the leader in each group, helped by his/her team, will write as many words as possible with that sound. 
It’s a fun game for learning pronunciation since students can practise sounds as well as spelling.  There is also a collaborative element, as the teams have to discuss which words will go on the board. 

Point system: correct 1, incorrect -2

Note: If a student makes a mistake, then wait until the game is finished to discuss with the class the correct answer, and provide a few examples.  Learning by trial and error can be very productive.  




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