Passive Form with Toy Story

Show your students this part from ‘Toy Story’.

1. Ask them to take a moment to read the following sentences before playing the video so they become familiar with the sentences. Show them the video (It’s only about a minute long so you can play it 3 or 4 times).  Ask your students to place the following actions in order:

a. The soldier explodes.
b. Through the binoculars, Buzz sees a vicious-looking dog.
c. Buzz decides to do something, and tries to jump.
d. Woody looks through the binoculars.
e. Buzz wants to look through the binoculars, but he is told to stay away. He responds, ”I’d better take a look, anyway”.
f. Through the binoculars, Buzz sees that a soldier is strapped to an explosive device.
g. Buzz is held back by the doll in pink.
h. The explosive device is lit

Correct order: d, e, f, b, c, g, h, a

2. Ask your students to indicate where the active form is used and where the passive form is used. Some sentences may include both, so ask them to indicate if this is the case.









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