Games: Phrasal Verbs

Divide your students into separate groups. Write each verb from the following list on a small piece of paper and provide each group of students with 3 different verbs. Then ask them to formulate as many phrasal verbs as possible by combining the verbs with the prepositions. 

  • Take
  • Get
  • Make
  • Put
  • Bring
  • Turn
  • Be
  • Carry
  • Set
  • Drop
  • Break
  • Come
  • Go
  • Switch

Give them 5 minutes and then ask each group to select a representative and say the phrasal verbs out loud. While the group representative presents the findings, and you write the ones that are correct on the board, you should have a student from another group formulate a sentence with that phrasal verb in order to keep the class active and allow your students to practice.






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